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Advantages of Tourism to an Economy

With the ample freedom of travel around the world, tourism has become one of the biggest service industries in some economies. Countries with natural beauty, heritage and entertainment leave no stone unturned when it comes to attracting tourists. They use all the marketing techniques and tools to bring down tourists to witness their countries. But why? Here are some of those reasons.


One of the most obvious reasons why tourism is good for a country is the countless number of jobs it generates in the economy. For example, when a tourist attraction is spotted and a hotel is been put up, it will generate various jobs inside and even outside in the local area. For example, beside the internal hotel staff, the hotel will purchase food items from local industries and this will boost their lives too. Tour guides will be needed to show around the area, transport services will be established, arts and crafts shops will pop up to let the tourists shop for souvenirs to take back with them etc. All these job opportunities wouldn’t be possible without tourism.

Better infrastructure

In a tourist area, the locality cannot be left isolated with minimal development. The surrounding too should develop to facilitate the incoming tourists’ needs. With the extra revenue the economy generates through tourism, governments can launch public projects to develop roads, highways, railway services, public parks, schools, hospitals, banking services etc. Hence the locals too can benefit from these infrastructure.

Better investments

Nobody would like to invest in a country not known to many. With tourism, foreigners can visit the country and experience the economic situations and recommend for investments. When foreign investors witness that the country has launched good development projects and trying to rise from a downturn, this will build good rapport globally and they will see potential to invest. These investments can yet again be used to develop more infrastructure.

Social advantage

When visitors come all the way to witness loca beauty and heritage, the people of the nation take pride in their countries, culture and history. This will cause them to take care of their tourist site seven more than before and save them from destruction. Also, the reputation of the country will spread all around the world. People will know of your country, t least by the tourist sites and then spread the word of the countries beauty and elegance among others. So the next time you go for a conference abroad, you won’t have to feel like nobody knows of your country.

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