Tuesday - April 13,2021
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Steps to becoming a good tourist

Travelling is a great way to learn about new cultures and beliefs, meet new people, eat various foods and experience something special. However, with being a tourist come great responsibility. It is your duty to ensure that you don’t litter around in the locality and also respect its people. You should admire its beauty and heritage and help in preserving it wherever you go. Such basic principles are expected by a tourist. So here are some steps to become a good tourist, and not a burden for the country you are visiting.

Do your research

If you are stepping into a completely new country with a different language and culture, you sure need to make sure you are familiar with some of the most common words and cultural practices. This will make the locals appreciate your effort even if you know just a very few words. Also by doing your research, you will know exactly where to visit and how to get there safely. Pay attention to some of the events that will be happening while you stay. It is also essential that you check the weather before you go. The last thing you need is for your summer in South Asia be ruined due to rain. The weather is very unpredictable and hence always view updated weather reports of the area. If you’ve hired a tour guide, ask him ample questions since he can give you better information than guidebooks and maps.

Respect the country you are visiting

Different countries have different cultural behaviours and hence you need to ensure you do not offend the locals through your behaviour. For example, some cultures believe that talking loudly in public is very rude and inappropriate is mind your volume. You can really fit in if you dress according to the local norm, especially in Muslim countries. You don’t have to wear a hijab but the least you could do is dress modestly and avoid revealing clothes. Participate in their local festivals to experience true culture and enjoy good food, dance and music. Always protect the area’s natural beauty hence do not litter.

Engage with local community

The best way to enjoy a new city is to knowits people. Only then will you truly be a part of the city. Shop at local food,arts and crafts stores and purchase stuff to take back home. This will not onlygive you a souvenir, but your purchase may uplift a local vendor’s sales. Talkand interact will local people and get to know their culture. You can learn howdifferent people do things differently and this diversity will give you a newexperience.

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