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Steps to Promote Tourism

In some economies, tourism is a major part of GDP and hence is a vital industry. Developing countries with ample natural beauty and heritage widely depend on tourism since it generates foreign income, creates employment opportunities, improves foreign investments, build rapport around the world etc. Due to all these benefits, you need to try and attract as many tourists as possible to come witness and experience your country’s culture. In this digital age, it is vital that your marketing strategy is on point, to reach as many people as possible. So here are some easy steps to follow.

Create a marketing plan

First, you need to identify what to market. Any unique features of your city need to be identified so that your audience feels its worth a visit. Simply, think about the special activities such as bungee jumping or rock climbing, natural sites such as forests and waterfalls or man-made iconic structures such as skyscrapers or statues in your area that people would like to come to see. Then, focus on the top three such items and include them in your plan. To gather better information, you can conduct a survey among the community, asking them what city features attract tourists, improvements that can be done in the city, the type of visitors expected etc. You can meet a few tourists who have already come down and ask them how their stay is and what more facilities should you provide. After you identify the sites, you can segment the market and target them differently through yourmarketing plan. For example, have different packages for nature lovers, entertainment seekers, culture lovers etc. Also don’t forget to come up with a catchy slogan for the city.

Promotional material and media

You can print promtional hats, t-shirts, umberellas etc. and sell them at local shops around toruists attractions sothat people will notice. These material when worn globally will give a wider understanding of your country. You can also arrange for interviews and advertismeents on TV and radio, announcing any new contests, raffle draws etc. It is vital that you distrivute necessary information to the audience to gather their active participation.

Social Media

Today nothing operates without social media. People have become a part of one huge interface in which people share various information. There couldn’t be a better place to promote tourism in a country. Come up with creative pictures and videos and post them on social media. Make a website for your business and post updated information and great package deals and invite people to visit the country.

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